Preventing Your Puppy From Biting

It's Only Natural

It is only natural for puppies to chew and nibble on on anything they can get their teeth around as they experiment with their mouths. Unfortunately, this could be your clothes, furniture, or even you! Although this may be extremely frustrating, most of the time it is due to them craving your attention and wanting to play. Therefore, in order to break this bad behaviour, we must do the opposite and ignore! In the first stages of a puppies life, during play they develop bite inhibition from their littermates. This is where they learn what level of biting is acceptable, and what is not! When a puppy is bitten too hard, they will let out a yelp and stop playing immediately, whilst getting a warning bark from mum. As the biting puppy now has no one to play with, they will slowly begin to understand that only puppies that play softly and don’t bite get all of the attention.

Train your dog works in just the same way. In order for them to understand that bite was too hard, you must say “ouch”in a loud voice (without shouting) to ensure they understand that something has changed and the game has stopped. Following this, withdraw your attention immediately by crossing your arms, stepping back and avoiding eye contact. Do this for about 30 seconds or so until your pup starts to wonder what’s happened. At this point, turn your attention back to your dog and praise them for not biting, “good boy, no biting”.

If the biting occurred whilst you were playing with your dog, instead of ignoring him/her, redirect their attention with a favourite toy or chew. This will allow them to understand what they SHOULD be biting, instead of you!