About Us

Working between Sevenoaks and Staplehurst providing one-on-one dog training to help your dog grow.

OkayNine is a dog training business, run by positive and enthusiastic trainers. We believe that there's an explanation for every dogs behaviour and where there is an explanation, there is usually always a solution. By working closely with your dog, we can work out the best way that they learn and begin to correct problematic behaviours. At your dog’s pace, we will help to set them up for success!

Seeing a dog transition and develop with the help of their training is the best feeling in the world. It’s the reason we do what we do! Knowing that we have helped a dog and their owner in one way or another is extremely satisfying, especially when an issue is affecting their mental or physical wellbeing.



We offer a consultation for your dog so you can be confident that OkayNine are the trainers for you.

Just £30