Behavioural Counselling

Having Behavioural Issues?

Behavioural Counselling

Dogs have many instinctive behaviours that are naturally expressed, for example howling, digging, hunting and asserting dominance. However, these behaviours are not always desired in the domestic world.

OkayNine works to correct and prevent behavioural issues by analysing the predisposing, initiating and maintaining factors that allow certain behaviours to occur. With any behavioural case, it is important to fully understand the behaviour before attempting to correct it as the problem will not improve.

The most common types of behavioural issues we see are:

  • Human, Fear and Dog Aggression

  • Separation Anxiety and Destruction

  • Guarding and Possession

  • Excessive Barking or Whining

  • Stealing Food, Clothes and Other Objects

  • House Soiling

  • Territorial Behaviour


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