Obedience & Basic Training

Looking for dog training?

Basic Training

If your dog has had minimal to no training, or is unenthusiastic towards learning new skills and tricks, our basic training programme is the one for you. This course will help teach your dog that training is both mentally and physically stimulating, not to mention self-rewarding and FUN! By using specific techniques to find your dog’s motivation and focus, they will succeed in no time.

Basics will not only focus on understanding simple commands, we will also explore complex ones too. As each programme is personalised to your dog’s every need, training will support them and advance at their own pace.

Obedience Training

Perfect for dogs with short attention spans or difficulties with concentration! This type of training allow dogs to develop excellent manners, understand boundaries and expand their control and focus. Obedience is suitable for any age or breed of dog and will focus on perfecting complex commands, distance recall, loose lead walking and many more behavioural tips.

Specific or challenging tricks can also be taught upon request.


We offer a consultation for your dog so you can be confident that OkayNine are the trainers for you.

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