How to House Train

House training is such an important task to master and obviously… the sooner, the better! As your puppy decides where it wants to toilet, it's important to get them into good habits.

What You Will Need

Step 1

Place a puppy pad next to the door that in future they will be leaving out of. For example if you have a garden, place to pass by the back door, and if not then by the front door. Place your dog on top of this mat 15 minutes after their last meal as this is when “it” is most likely to happen.

Step 2

If your dog does have an accident, do not punish! Simply pick them up and place them onto that pad as quickly as possible. By repetition they will begin to pick up where they must go to the toilet. As the puppy pads will begin to smell like ammonia, they should become more attractive.

Step 3

Once your puppy has got that hang of using the puppy pad, begin to take things outside. Start by opening the door and slowly moving the pad further away from the house after every mess they make successfully on the pad. With practice this will get easier and easier however only move the mat if you feel your dog will understand the concept. If not, repeat until confident.

Step 4

Once your puppy pad is outside in a desired toileting area, you can then begin to remove it. If you feel your dog will struggle with then you can slowly reduce the pad size but cutting it, or buy some attractant spray and spray the chosen area instead.

It is important to remember that every dog learns at a different pace. Try to not get impatient or angry as this will only slow down the process. The last thing we want is for your dog to have a negative experience with toileting as this can easily cause behavioural issues down the line. reward often and always encourage.