Teaching to Stay

Teaching to Stay

In the instance of needing your dog stop what it is doing for safety or any other reason, teaching stay can be highly important! This can be achieved in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Present a treat to your dog to gain their attention and ask them to sit. Once they are seated, command “stay” whilst using a simple hand gesture, take one step back without breaking eye contact with your dog.

Step 2: After 1 or 2 seconds if your dog hasn't moved from their spot, take a step closer to them and reward with a treat! However, this will only be perfected with practice as naturally your dog will decide to follow. If your dog does move or come towards you, simply ignore it by walking back to your dog and repeating step 1 until you see progress.

Step 3: When your dog gets the hang of staying seated when asked, you can slowly increase the amount of steps back you take and the length of time they must stay for a reward. Furthermore, you might even be able to break eye contact with your dog by walking in a circle around them, again increasing the distance each time.

Tip: Use plenty of treats during steps 1 and 2 however, slowly reduce the amount of treats during step 3. Don't forget - a verbal reward is just as effective!