Teaching to Wait

Teaching to Wait

Wait can be extremely useful commands for your dog to learn as they can be used on a variety of occasions. For example, waiting safely before crossing a road, introducing manners prior to eating and not running off whilst being called. If you can teach your dog to only release on your command, he/she will become far more obedient.

Step 1: Ask your dog to sit and place a small treat in each of your hands. Starting with the first hand, show your dog the treat, withdraw it and close your hand into a fist. Automatically your dog will try to gain this treat by sniffing your hand, pawing at it and maybe even having a nibble. Command “Wait” whilst this is occuring.

Step 2: Eventually your dog will become slightly frustrated and back away from your hand. At this moment it is important to open your hand, say “wait” and use your other hand to give them the treat. If your dog goes straight for the treat once your hand is open then ignore the behaviour and repeat step 1.

Step 3: Once your dog is waiting for a reward, similarly to teaching stay, you can increase the distance your distance and time before a reward. This will teach them that they can only receive a reward on your command.

Tip: You can then go on to introduce the wait command when giving them food, passing through doors and getting out of the car nicely.